A Word from the Founding Editor

Welcome to The Millennial Chronicle.

We are a news and blogging website dedicated to exploring the issues many Millennials face everyday. Our topics range from e-Commerce to divisive politics. It is our mission to¬†bring you the best quality commentary from authors in a range of disciplines. This site was founded on the principle of truth-seeking authorship that delves into inspiring and complex issues with a heightened level of neutrality and scholarship not seen in today’s media.

This site was inspired by untrustworthy media outlets and a passion for engaging with people from different, often opposing backgrounds. Our team spans a vast range of expertise and interests and we hope that the diversity of our team will allow us to remain grounded in our truth-seeking mission. We are unafraid of the truth and we do not believe in alternate facts. We reject the premise that all media has to be biased and that our survival depends on pandering to specific ideological groups.

We hope that you will choose our site as a primary and syndicate source for news and in-depth analysis of emerging issues.



Randy J. Bender

Founding Editor

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Randy J. Bender, Founding Editor

I am just a small town entrepreneur who is sick of the media. Nothing new here.